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Holiday Places in Cyprus | Cyprus Travel Guide

Kibris Tatil Yerleri Bellapis

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)Turkish citizens passport It is among the countries with the easiest access to us, with a 1.5-hour flight distance, where you can travel with your identity cards without using it.

One of the popular tourism centers of the Mediterranean Cyprus Island, untouched beaches, colorful nightlife, luxury five-star hotels, casinos, historical, cultural and natural beauties as well as rich cuisine is a geography that deserves the holiday.

Holiday Places in Northern Cyprus

1. Kyrenia


It is among the first places that come to mind when it comes to holiday in Northern Cyprus. Kyrenia there is. Girne has been one of the most important port cities of the island in the north of Northern Cyprus throughout history. Located 80 km from Famagusta and 26 km from the capital Nicosia, Girne is the most vibrant touristic city of Northern Cyprus.

In Kyrenia, which carries the traces of Cyprus’ rich historical past, Kyrenia Castle and its surroundings are the most important center where you can feel the historical texture. Folk Arts Museum, Bosphorus Cemetery, Sunken Ship Museum, which is located in Girne Castle, Hz. Omer Tomb and St. Hilarion Monastery are places to visit in the castle. The history of the castle and the buildings in it goes back to the 1300s.

places to visit in Kyrenia Another prominent point among them is the Icon Museum. The bell tower of the museum, which dates back to 1860, was added to the building in 1885. The tower, which can be seen from all over Kyrenia, is among the places you should visit to explore Kyrenia.

Beylerbeyi, which is 10 km from Kyrenia, is known for the Bellapais Monastery, which is a frequent destination for visitors to the city. Located on the Beşparmak Mountains, this historical building bears the reflections of gothic art. The first monastery structure in Bellapais was built between 1198-1205. The monastery that has survived to the present day is the King of France III. It was built by Hugh. Be sure to see the marble sarcophagi and the church at the end of the courtyard at Bellapais Monastery.

Bellapais Abbey

Cyprus nightlife, Kyrenia nightlife mean actually. In addition to nightclubs and discos, most of which are located in five-star hotels, many nightclubs, large and small, around the Girne Harbor also serve entertainment lovers. Since Cyprus hotels can be expensive in terms of price, it would be logical to make an early reservation or to book from reliable sites such as Enuygun that compare hotel prices.

The casinos (casinos) of the hotels around the port are points that should not be missed by those who are interested in gambling. There is no requirement to be a hotel customer to experience the casinos, but due to the casino culture, it is necessary to pay attention to the dress code and follow the rules. There are concerts of famous artists in many casinos and five-star hotels.

Kyrenia is a city that stands out with its shopping tourism. Shops selling products of world-famous brands, Cyprus coffee, halloumi cheese, chocolate, soap, alcohol, cigarettes and souvenirs are scattered all over Kyrenia. A little outside of the city, the markets lined up side by side are places where you can find many products at affordable prices.

Peach kebab

Restaurants that offer the palate-busting flavors of Cyprus are located around Girne Castle. when you come to cyprus What to eat in Cyprus You can find the answer to the question by experiencing traditional tastes in restaurants in Kyrenia. The famous dishes of Cyprus, peach kebab and kleftiko, fresh seafood and affordable alcohol varieties are among the flavors you can find in restaurants.

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2. Famagusta


A frequent destination for those who want to meet nature in Northern Cyprus Famagusta. Located 50 km from Ercan Airport, the city is one of the most important port cities of Northern Cyprus. Natural beauties and vast beaches accompanying the historical and cultural texture are the prominent features of the city. There is a serious student population in the city, where the Eastern Mediterranean University campus is located.

Famagusta places to visit Namık Kemal Museum, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, St. Barnabas Monastery, Canbulat Museum and Tomb, Kertikli Bath, Covered Maraş area, Salamis Ruin should be on your list.

Dating back to 477, St. Barnabas Monastery is one of the oldest structures on the island. There are holy icons of Christians inside the monastery. It is possible to experience the historical past of the island in the monastery, which is used as an archeology museum today.

The Salamis Ruins, 6 km from Famagusta, were unearthed during the excavations carried out between 1950-1970. All of the buildings in the Ancient City of Salamis belong to the Roman Period. Agora, forum, bath, gymnasium structures are still standing. Buildings to see in Salamis Ancient City Among these are the biggest basilica of Cyprus, Ayia Epiphanios Basilica, Salamis Antique Theatre, Salamis Necropolis, Cellarga mass graves and Nicocreon Monument.

Salamis Ancient City

Namık Kemal Museum, which is prepared in memory of the master of letters in the city where Namık Kemal spent his exile, consists of two floors in the courtyard of the Venetian Palace. Namık Kemal, who was imprisoned in the dungeon on the lower floor of the building during the exile period in Cyprus, returned to Istanbul in 1876 after the forgiveness of the Ottoman Pqdişah V.Murat. Museum visitors can see reflections from Namık Kemal’s exile days.

The Kertikli Bath, which makes you feel the Ottoman traces in Cyprus, is an impressive piece of work with its domes, bath, dressing room and water tank. Another structure that sheds light on the history of Famagusta is the Othello Castle. Built in the 14th century, the castle is surrounded by moats. Cannon and cannonballs, artillery batteries and towers can be seen in the castle courtyard. The castle, named after Shakespeare’s play Othello, took this name during the time it was under British rule.

One of the most interesting and most curious regions of the world, the Covered Maraş Region is also within the borders of Famagusta. The area, which was not allowed to enter anyone except the soldiers under the command of the Turkish Peacekeeping Force and the United Nations soldiers, was closed to settlement right after the Cyprus Peace Operation. Maraş, where the world’s jet society came in flock in the 50s and 60s, had more hotels and accommodation facilities than many famous tourism centers of the world in those years. Time seems to be frozen in this region, which is frequently on the agenda in the negotiations between the Greeks and the Turks. In the region where no one stepped in after 1974, everything is the same today as it was in that year.

The answer to the question of what to eat in Famagusta is almost the same as in other cities of Cyprus. In addition to traditional tastes such as peach kebab and kleftiko, tastes from world cuisines are easily available in Famagusta. When it comes to shopping in Famagusta, the souvenir shops in and around the castle are the best places. Nightclubs around Salamis Street and Namık Kemal Square are the coolest places of Famagusta nightlife.

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3. Nicosia


The only divided capital in the world Nicosia, the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus). The city is divided into two in the middle and forms the borders of northern and southern Cyprus.

You can experience the rich historical past of the geography of Cyprus. Things to do in Nicosia Among them are Bedesten, Selimiye Mosque, Venetian column and Kyrenia Gate. While trying to get to know the city on the streets of Nicosia, you can travel to the past of the city by seeing these historical buildings, each of which is within walking distance of each other.

The border that divides Nicosia into two

Nicosia Mevlevi Museum, Ethnography Museum, Haydarpaşa Mosque, National Struggle Museum and Armenian Church. Places to see in Nicosia between. Nicosia is one of the best places to observe the division of southern and northern Cyprus. The border gates located on the green line under the control of the United Nations provide crossings between the north and the south. While TRNC citizens can cross to the south through these border gates, Turkish citizens unfortunately do not have the right to pass.

4. Karpas


Those who come to Northern Cyprus are usually skipped due to time constraints. Karpas, the untouched virgin corner of the island. Located 100 km from Kyrenia, 65 km from Famagusta and 115 km from Nicosia, the Karpaz Peninsula is known for its unspoiled nature and untouched beaches.

The natural beauties of Karpaz are under protection. Be sure to visit the Karpas National Park to see endemic plant species, the famous Karpaz donkeys and the natural environment. Dedicated to Apostolos Andreas, one of the apostles of Jesus, at the very tip of the Karpaz Peninsula, the monastery dates from the 18th century.


Golden Beach Beach, with its fine sandy structure, is the favorite of those who want to enjoy the sea in the summer months in Karpaz. Ayios Philon Church, which is the first settlement of the Phoenicians on the island, was built in the 4th century. The church, which was damaged during various attacks, was restored over time.

Karpaz is the region where Cape Zafer, also known as the northernmost point of Cyprus, is located. Zafer Burnu, where the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Turkish flag flutter side by side, gives life to beautiful photo frames with its magnificent view.

Among the must-see places in Karpaz, you can add the ancient city of Aphendrika, which has survived from the 2nd century BC, and the Church of Panaya Kanakaria, built during the Byzantine period, to your list.

Karpaz is a region where construction and consumption culture do not suffer. Five-star hotels and luxury accommodation are not available in this region. There are houses that are rented daily in the logic of a summer house. The shabby restaurants where fresh seafood is sold in Karpaz make you feel the natural atmosphere of the region.

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