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If you’re in your 40s and have trouble climbing stairs, beware! There may be a problem with the mitral valve.


Mitral valve;Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Cengiz Köksal said, “If you are short of breath, choking and need to rest frequently in routine situations such as walking, going uphill or climbing stairs in your daily life, you may have mitral valve disease. In addition, palpitation while moving is another symptom of mitral valve disease, and in such cases, the person must be evaluated in terms of heart valve disease.

Stating that people can self-evaluate with the “40-year-old ladder test”, Prof. Dr. Koksal, “A person in his 40s can climb 3-4 flights of stairs at a normal pace, exert the same effort as his peers, and do not have to stop because he is out of breath while doing this. If you are in your 40s and have to stop earlier than your peers when climbing 3-4 flights of stairs or exerting effortIf you are short of breath and have palpitations, there is a high probability that you have a problem with your heart valve. he said.


Pointing out that the mitral valve could not fulfill its task of carrying the clean blood from the lungs to the heart and then pumping the clean blood coming through the mitral valve to the body, in case of leakage in the mitral valve. Dr. Köksal gave the following information:

“The heart cannot pump enough clean blood to the body and the blood accumulates in the lungs. When the blood cannot be pumped to the body enough, the person feels weak, tired, exhausted and gets tired quickly. In addition, as the unpumped blood collects in the lungs, water collects in the lungs and the person feels short of breath by moving and becomes clogged. The person has to rest frequently, especially when climbing stairs or hills. If a problem is detected in the mitral valve, a doctor should be followed up continuously. Not every mitral valve patient is operated on. The disease can also be kept under control with a doctor’s control and medication once a year. If surgery is required, different surgical techniques can be evaluated. Among these, the most preferred ‘mitral valve repair with closed method’ provides long-term life comfort to the patient.”


Patients with mitral valve leakage or blood leakage should be especially careful about low-salt nutrition. prof. Dr. Köksal explained the effects of nutrition on the disease with the following words: “Just eating less salt or cutting back on salt may not be enough either. It may be necessary to eat less or not consume foods that contain salt. These foods include soda, mineral water, carbonated drinks, pickles, and nuts. In addition, the patient with mitral valve leakage should be weak and should always get up from the table without overeating and without full satiety. You should eat little at frequent intervals. One of the heart-friendly sports, brisk walking 3-4 kilometers a day is also extremely beneficial.”

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